Jamie Oliver’s Kitchen Garden Project teams up with Soil Association Food for Life!

These two programmes have announced a landmark partnership that will see schools and nurseries benefit from access to both programmes for a single membership subscription. We share the same core values, both providing resources and practical guidance to schools and nurseries to ensure they can make good food the easy choice for every child; with the ultimate aim that every child has the chance to grow healthily

We believe that providing children with the tools they need to grow food from seed and prepare nutritious meals from scratch equips them with some of life’s most valuable skills.

Why it’s important to teach children about food

Children who learn to cook are more likely to make better food choices and understand healthy eating.

Food education is, without doubt, one of life’s most important skills – just as valuable as reading, writing and maths.

Children who plant and nurture their own fruits and vegetables are far more likely to eat them.

1 in 5…
  • children in the UK are already overweight
  • or obese by the age of five.

1 in 3…
  • children are affected by child obesity by the
  • age of 11.

4 in 5…
  • children aged five to 15 fail to consume the
  • recommended five portions of fruits and
  • vegetables per day.

Now’s the time to create real, sustainable change, and it’s as simple as providing children with the right food knowledge and the skills to feed themselves better.

The Kitchen Garden Project resources aim to inspire schools across the country to get involved in food education in a practical way. Once learnt, a little bit of basic know-how stays with you forever.

Take a peek at some of our beautiful resources now exclusively available through Food for Life!

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